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Revitalizing prayers, increasing engagement, prayer support, and new user growth.

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Get a new place on your website where people can ask for prayer support, interact, encourage & pray for others 24/7.

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Watch our engaging 3-minute demo!

Dive into our 3-minute demo! Discover how you can transform your prayer experience

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People need prayers today more than ever before

Don't take our word for it:


The pandemic, war & economic downturn has given more people reason to seek solace in God


COVID-19 sparked digital awakening for churches


Downloads for prayer apps skyrocketed 955% during the past two years


Catholic prayer app raised $52M just recently, proving the need for prayer


Top venture funds have invested more than $175 million in stand-alone prayer apps. We believe churches should be in the head and not in the tail, responding to the high demand of people for prayer today, and seize this as the opportunity to serve and grow.


It's time to enable your community to support each other in prayer.

Unleashing the power of unity, and the power of prayer. Community-supported. No additional staff needed. Priceless impact.


How it works

Seamless integration in minutes: our dedicated team is here to assist you!

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First step

Sign up, customize and embed on your website in minutes

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Next step

Your members are click away from getting someone praying for them 24/7

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Whether in times of joy or sorrow, users can post prayer requests or praise reports in seconds...

People can post prayer requests, praise reports

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Uplifting notifications are sent to users in need whenever someone prays for them...

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Over 400 relevant prayer quotes that you can edit


Experiencing the support of your community and prayer team through prayers, encouraging comments, and regular updates

Via email notifications

Users are notified via email when someone posts a new comment, something that they can set up and control in their settings.

In real-time when on the website

Experience real-time interactions and engagements on your website. Unlock the potential of interactive engagement.

Stay connected through prayer updates

Easily keep those praying informed on your prayer requests, progress, and praise reports

Users have full control on notification settings

Empower your prayer wall users with complete control and customization. Tailor notifications, preferences, and settings to create a personalized and fulfilling experience.

Strengthening prayers with personalized updates

Subscribe for prayer updates and stay connected with those you pray for

See who's praying for you

See who's praying for you right on the prayer wall with 1-click


I’m new






Faithful friend


Prayer warrior


Divine champion


Prayer guardian


Unleash the power
of gamification: rewarding users with badges!

Create a thriving community of prayer warriors: highlight new users, encourage, and recognize your users for their prayer, support, and moderation efforts!

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Revolutionize your user experience: automated user type upgrades with targeted communications

Unlock personalized engagement: seamlessly move users through tailored sequences for onboarding, prayer team communications, and more!

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Lightning-fast moderation for your prayer team

Manual or automatic moderation

In case of manual moderation your team members can approve, pray and post comment directly from their inbox


Swift approval process

Or when there are many posts, your team members can moderate, pray, comment and more via PrayerPlatform™ mobile app or mobile admin, with just a swipe. On average 1 person can moderate 1,000 posts in 1 hour


Amplify your website with an interactive and stunning live prayer experience

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5 strategic benefits
how PrayerPlatform™ can help your church


Strengthen community
  • Improve prayer support & encouragement
  • Increase engagement & spiritual growth
  • Expand website usage & retention
  • Foster unity amongst members
  • Stir hearts & bring lost faith people back
  • Reach the unchurched — the time is now to offer prayersupport when demand is an all-time hight
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New user growth
  • Provide real-time prayer support to those that needs it
  • Launch new user growth through prayer initiative
  • Intentional & free promotions (big board near building, QR codes on church screen, banners, signs, etc.)
  • Onboard & activate new users — convert them to become members!
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After adapting the new prayer wall within your community

We will share new strategies, and with our partners can help you bring new people in your area that are searching for prayer support

We can help you implement new user onboarding and activation best-practices


Increase donations

For years, large ministries have used (some even abused) prayers, resulting in raising billions of dollars. Using Prayer Platform people can share their finances as their hearts direct them to do, without pressure – the only thing offered and promised to them is PRAYER!

Fact 1

Prayer works

Fact 2

Prayers are used as one of the most effective tools to engage and care for people, especially during a time of heartache and darkness. Believers are also very grateful when reporting praise. Both cases help raising additional donations.

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Growing prayer partners

Create a separate or even a private prayer wall to better involve prayer partners. This could result in higher engagement and increase in donations per donor, as besides praying for your ministry, partners can also support requests financially in just a 2 clicks. In addition, you can also add prayer partners as the initial step, and later engage prayer partners to become financial donors.

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Integration with your infrastructure

The integration ensures users can use their current credentials, syncing their data with your CRM/ChMS profiles. New Prayer Wall users are automatically added to your ChMS, eliminating manual work and potential expenses for your team.

Your Church
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Effortless experience to go live

No additional staff needed. Zero effort. Lives changed. Priceless

Website setup

15 minutes we can set-up entire prayer wall

Team onboarding

5 mins to onboard — via email 1 admin member can approve up to 1,000 posts per hour


We provide all the materials: emails, promo banners, QR codes for scanning

Growth campaign

We & our partners can help with growth & fundraising strategies

We provide all the materials you need

  • Best practices to launch
  • Marketing materials prepared for you, including custom QR codes
  • Social media copy
  • Announcement emails & copy
  • Growth strategies consulting
  • Source files
Coming soon

Translated on 100+ languages*

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Remove language barriers

Expand your reach by removing language barriers for international users by translating your prayer wall's interface and all its content to any language out of 100+ languages available. Users may select a language they want to use, and all their posts will be translated to other users in their languages!* Paid feature: $15/month + $40 per million characters translated


Multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker

Keep your prayer wall posts accurate & professional without any grammatical errors to remove the barriers for users who hesitate to write because of their grammar and writing skills. This feature will help users create posts, automatically highlight grammatical errors and typos, correct spelling, fix punctuation, confirm casing, improve style, paraphrase where necessary, and provide tips. Whatever language they're using, we will automatically detect it and give suggestions to make sure their posts look erfect for all other users.* Paid feature: $15/month

Discover the power of unity with our multi-campus & church networks architecture.

Bring all your campuses together as one or let them thrive independently

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Innovative solution for seamless new user onboarding and activation at the closest campus or location

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Attracting and retaining new members is vital for the growth of any church or network of churches. Our powerful solution automatically detects new sign- ups and shows them the nearest location, while notifying the location's team about new users. This ensures each user receives a personal welcome and a warm connection from your team.

This personal touch goes beyond automated emails, making new users feel valued. Your activation and onboarding teams can easily reach out to new users, answer questions, provide materials, and invite them to services. With prayer support and personalized onboarding, each new member will feel welcomed and supported in becoming part of your church community.

Additionally, our expertise in implementing growth strategies can help increase your new user growth beyond 500%, empowering your church or network of churches to thrive and expand its impact in the community.

What users say about service

Designed to help churches grow through prayer ministry & new, сreative strategies

"My house shall be called a house of prayer"

Jesus Christ, Matthew 21:13

"We can change the course of events if we go to our knees in believing prayer"

Billy Graham

"I would rather teach one man to pray than ten men to preach"

Charles Spurgeon

"Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God"

Mother Theresa

“In my decades of work in prayer ministry, this is the most impressive interactive prayer platform I have ever seen. A must-have for any ministry that values prayer.”

Dr. Douglas Small (Ph. D, CCU)Worldwide prayer legend. One of the foremost authorities in prayer. Award-winning author, educator and consultant focusing on prayer ministries. Founder of Project Pray University, Billion Soul Network, The Praying Church Movement, Discipleship Institute.

“Partnering with PrayerPlatform™ was never a question for our organization. The world is crying out for prayer, and this interactive prayer wall provides a fresh and timely solution.”

Gerard LongExecutive Director. Prayer at Heart. Former Executive Director of Alpha* USA, minister, evangelist, author, motivational speaker, and former banking executive.

“I can’t say enough about the effectiveness and timing of this PrayerPlatform™. The app, organization, and people behind the app have their hearts in the right place. Every church should be in-line and implement it immediately.”

Dr. Chip BennettSenior Pastor, Grace Community Church- Sarasota, FL

“If you need prayers, if you need growth, if you need support… look no further.”

Vincent ArifaloSenior Pastor, Dominion House Church.

“The church is called to be praying for people, because prayer is powerful. People need our prayers, and this is the simplest platform to do it. It's a no-brainer to utilize it.”

Shawn BrannPresident, Ignite Europe

“The functionality of this prayer wall app and the direction it is headed is groundbreaking. Every church needs it!”

Dr. Chris TowlesWake Forest University.


Ready for the next level in prayers?

Just pick the best time for you; we'd be glad to show you a complete demo, answer any questions, share more insights, and help you with the next steps.